• Advocacy 

  • The Cranbrook Regional Chamber of Commerce works towards making the region a competitive place to do business. That’s why advocacy is core to our mandate.
    Working with the municipality and through community partnerships, we are able to ensure that business concerns are heard.

    Collaboration with local Chambers and as members of the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, we work with regional, provincial and federal policymakers to improve our business environment.

    BC Chamber Policy Development

    The BC Chamber's grassroots policy-development process is second-to-none in British Columbia. Every year, our membership of businesses, Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade develops policies that reflect the on-the-ground needs of B.C. businesses. Through this process, our membership endorses approximately 50 new policies every year at our Annual General Meeting

    BC Chamber 2018 Policy Manual

    Canadian Chamber Policy Development

    Every year, member chambers of commerce and boards of trade, along with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s policy committees, are invited to submit resolutions of a national scope to the Canadian Chamber policy process. This process culminates in a democratic vote on the floor of their annual general meeting. Following approval at the AGM, we, along with our members, can move forward in our advocacy efforts based on the resolutions contained within the Policy Resolutions Books. Each resolution, once approved, has an effective lifespan of three years.

    Canadian Chamber 2018 Policy Manual

    For more information on all the activities of the Government Affairs Committee contact the Executive Director, Kristin Parsons at E: Kristin@cranbookchamber.com or T: 250-426-5914